3 Ways Your Post Acute Care Organization Can Deliver Amazing Patient Experiences While Boosting Referrals

For post acute care organizations beginning to prepare for the impact of value-based care, there are new pressures to impact the daily patient experience while controlling costs. Real-time analytics, transparency, and visibility into patient episodes and metrics at the post acute level are steps toward truly integrated and patient-centric healthcare. This whitepaper explores three ways post acute organizations can leverage live analytics and data-backed insights to deliver on bundled payment initiatives while providing amazing patient experiences.

You will learn:

  • How the changing healthcare landscape, including the rise of value-based care and bundled episode payments, has led to the rise of post acute care quality initiatives.
  • How tracking patient relationships throughout the care continuum can increase patient satisfaction, decrease readmissions, reduce spend per patient, and increase reimbursement rates, among other metrics.
  • How visualizing and reporting on real-time metrics can help post acute organizations proactively take action on recurring issues.
  • How delivering data-backed reports and results to physician partners can boost incoming referrals and increase value-based healthcare partnerships.
  • How one of the Midwest’s leading skilled nursing facilities leveraged a healthcare-specific CRM platform alongside live analytics to streamline incoming referrals and implement efficient workflows.